Travelling Batad Banaue Rice Terraces

15 02 2013

Have you burned out your exposed skin under the sun in the beautiful beaches in the Philippines? Do you want to explore the other side of the Philippines?

Batad Banaue Rice Terraces is a must see scenic spot here in the Philippines. Home grown fresh and organic food served in restaurant and fresh air are just a few of a number of reasons why you should visit the place.

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Batad Banaue Rice Terraces is a man made rice terraces built thousand of years ago where equipment like shovel is invented. Through courage and dedication and the will to survive in the mountain is the determining factor why the Igorots of Banawe Ifugao built this mysterious, magnificient and gigantic Rice Terraces. Now producing tons of rice and vegetable being sold in the nearby provinces all the way to Metro Manila.
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Want to learn more about Banaue Rice Terraces? Click Here


Very steep terraces on the left face of the Batad Rice Terraces. - Photo and Caption by: Robert Domoguen

Very steep terraces on the left face of the Batad Rice Terraces. – Photo and Caption by: Robert Domoguen

Hmmm do you want to visit Banawe Rice Terraces already? Are you coming from Manila or else where? For me, I am coming from Pasay Metro Manila so here’s how:

Day 1: Take Victory Liner From either Cubao or Pasay bound for Baguio City. It normally takes at least 6 to 7 hours including or depending on the traffic along the way. I prefer going travelling at night so I always take the 1 or 2 AM bus. More information about BAGUIO CITY 

Terraces at the foot of the structure have been planted months earlier. - Photo and caption by: Robert Domoguen


Terraces at the foot of the structure have been planted months earlier. – Photo and caption by: Robert Domoguen

DAY 2: Going to Banaue from Baguio could have a lot of option. Option 1 is via Halsema Highway. Take the Lizardo Bus that will take you to Bontoc then from Bontoc there would be Jeepneys there that you can ride going to Banaue. The bus fare would be more or less Php 400.00 per pax then another at least Php 300 to Php 400 per pax.


  • The jeepney ride is totally thrilling. I must advise go on TOP LOAD or at the top of the jeepney. There’d be a lot to see when going there. I must advise though that you take extra care. Don’t miss the fun and excitement plus a thrilling adventure. Take the TOP LOAD.
A photo of the bottom village and some of the paddies above it from the viewpoint area below the Barangay Hall. - Photo and caption by: Robert Domoguen

A photo of the bottom village and some of the paddies above it from the viewpoint area below the Barangay Hall. – Photo and caption by: Robert Domoguen

Where to stay in Batad:

  • Simon’s Viewpoint Inn and Pizza Restaurant
  • Hillside Inn and Restaurant
  • Batad Pension and Restaurant
  • Foreigner’s Inn and Restaurant
  • Waterfall Side Lodge
  • Rita’s Mount View Inn and Restaurant

Truly, It is MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! It has so much to offer one can always remember!



Charity work on Valentines Day

14 02 2013

I and a group of friends and colleagues started working on an “Adopt A School Library for Colalo Elementary School” last year. So we’ve been collecting books, selling cupcakes, and now selling flowers just to make sure that we could come up with a certain amount of money to buy new books.

Of course there are still a lot of people who helped us make this dream come true. I cant name them all but I would like to great all of them a Happy Valentines Day and may God Almighty bless you all.

This Special Hearts Day, Kessa Thea Peralta-Nielsen helped in our “Hearts Day Charity Drive At Work” wherein we sold boquet of flowers and delivered it to them and we were able to raise Php 600.00 including a cash donation from Carl Del Rosario who have been most supportive for our cause.

I would like to share to you the pictures of the flowers:

Flower - Lemuel Taeza Collage

Flower - Christian Collage


Flower - Michelle Galutera Collage


Flower-Angela Pagsibigan Collage

GMA 7 Dapat Tama Election Campaign

12 02 2013

Election is fast approaching in the Philippines. It is the mid term National Election meaning Filipinos are voting from the senators down to the barangay level. Defenitely, a huge responsibility is task to the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. The votes they cast determines the kind of voter they are and the kind of politicians the Philippines would have.

For sure vote buying will be rampant again. Last election, politicians says they never practiced vote buying. I believed them when I was living in Lepanto and some parts of Benguet where I never had the chance to experience rampant vote buying. However, when I came to work in Manila, vote buying is just normal. They even knock on your door or there would be an organizer of a certain barangay to give out the gifts from a certain politician.

With GMA News and Public Affairs Program and Election Campaign DAPAT TAMA is an eye opener to every voting citizens. Gloc9 made is very good in this music video.

Click here for other thoughts about DAPAT TAMA

INDIO – Another Epic Fantasy Series of GMA 7

8 02 2013

I don’t have much time to watch TV Series much so that Soap Opera’s in the Philippines are shown at night. However, I am lucky enough to at least have a couple of days glimpse to the fantasy series of GMA 7. For one, they’ve got the talent to produce and make explicit fantasy series with a touch of Filipino beliefs and history.

Diwata 1

Indio is just one of them that I loved most. I had the chance to watch the first week episode of the said tv fantasy series and over all I simply loved it.

Click here to read more on what I think about the TV Series.


My Smoothie Diet Challenge Starts

2 02 2013















I decided to increase my fruit and vegetable intake within the day. Kessa said that it is best to take this smoothie solely for the next 3 days replacing your usual diet.




It does feel good. I feel that the cleansing is really taking place. Every meal time try consuming 2 glasses of your smoothie.


MoonLeaf at McKinley Hills

2 02 2013

Tea has been one of my favorite drinks since I started teaching Korean way back 5 or 6 years ago. A home made tea mountain tea found in the mountains of Cordillera is just so aromatically amazing for me.

MoonLeaf a tea shop has finally opened last December and it has captivated my taste. It brings back my old memories teaching my dearly loved students.


I also see there freedom wall where someone could post any message. I see this as opportunity to campaign and to reach out to people who wanted to help on our project. Of course I posted the website there to direct them as to how they wanted to help and to see progress of the project.

MoonLeaf Board copy

Click here to read more:

1. The Project Mountain Alphabet

2. The FiveAm Chat

Re-building my Blog Site this 2013

1 02 2013

I removed all the articles posted here so I could start a new. This would be my site for a more specific happenings of my life. Rest assured that all postings here are true and mine.

2013 for me is creating a vast choices and option to work from. Watch out for my the latest updates. This year I will be focusing more on my project. It is aimed to collect old and used books others may want to donate a school supplies and others could be anything they think would be useful for others kids in the barrio.

Donate that book

As of this time… The Project Mountain Alphabet is pushing through and we are helping a public school at Colalo Mankayan Benguet. Colalo is such a wonderful place but they never had a library to cater the needs of their students. Your donation will for sure give them hope to build their better future through book reading.

This February 14 2013 let us join the others in celebrating the International Book Giving Day.

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