Charity work on Valentines Day

14 02 2013

I and a group of friends and colleagues started working on an “Adopt A School Library for Colalo Elementary School” last year. So we’ve been collecting books, selling cupcakes, and now selling flowers just to make sure that we could come up with a certain amount of money to buy new books.

Of course there are still a lot of people who helped us make this dream come true. I cant name them all but I would like to great all of them a Happy Valentines Day and may God Almighty bless you all.

This Special Hearts Day, Kessa Thea Peralta-Nielsen helped in our “Hearts Day Charity Drive At Work” wherein we sold boquet of flowers and delivered it to them and we were able to raise Php 600.00 including a cash donation from Carl Del Rosario who have been most supportive for our cause.

I would like to share to you the pictures of the flowers:

Flower - Lemuel Taeza Collage

Flower - Christian Collage


Flower - Michelle Galutera Collage


Flower-Angela Pagsibigan Collage




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