GMA 7 Dapat Tama Election Campaign

12 02 2013

Election is fast approaching in the Philippines. It is the mid term National Election meaning Filipinos are voting from the senators down to the barangay level. Defenitely, a huge responsibility is task to the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. The votes they cast determines the kind of voter they are and the kind of politicians the Philippines would have.

For sure vote buying will be rampant again. Last election, politicians says they never practiced vote buying. I believed them when I was living in Lepanto and some parts of Benguet where I never had the chance to experience rampant vote buying. However, when I came to work in Manila, vote buying is just normal. They even knock on your door or there would be an organizer of a certain barangay to give out the gifts from a certain politician.

With GMA News and Public Affairs Program and Election Campaign DAPAT TAMA is an eye opener to every voting citizens. Gloc9 made is very good in this music video.

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INDIO – Another Epic Fantasy Series of GMA 7

8 02 2013

I don’t have much time to watch TV Series much so that Soap Opera’s in the Philippines are shown at night. However, I am lucky enough to at least have a couple of days glimpse to the fantasy series of GMA 7. For one, they’ve got the talent to produce and make explicit fantasy series with a touch of Filipino beliefs and history.

Diwata 1

Indio is just one of them that I loved most. I had the chance to watch the first week episode of the said tv fantasy series and over all I simply loved it.

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